Transform Your Links with Powerful Shortening and Analytics

Simple, Fast, and Insightful. Enhance your online presence with our robust URL shortening and tracking solution.


Discover the powerful features that make iShortn the ultimate URL shortening and tracking tool.

Link Shortening

Shorten your links in seconds with our lightning-fast service. Whether for social media, email campaigns, or other uses, our shortened URLs are reliable and easy to share.

In Depth Analytics

Track every click and gain valuable insights into your audience's behavior. Our analytics provide detailed reports on clicks, geolocation, devices, and referrers.

QR Code Generation

Easily generate QR codes for your shortened URLs. Perfect for print media, product packaging, or events, our QR codes enhance accessibility and engagement.


Integrate our URL shortening service with your existing tools and workflows. Our API allows for seamless connection with your apps, making automation a breeze.

Customizable Links

Create branded, custom short links that enhance your brand's identity and make your URLs memorable. Personalize your links to fit your marketing campaigns seamlessly.


Hear what our customers have to say about iShortn.

  • This tool is a godsend. Thanks so much for thr work you did. I am using the link shortener and the QR code generator. It does everything I need it to. Please keep up the great work.
  • We have been pasting posters around town using the QR Codes from this tool and now we know which posters are doing better than others! The tool looks great and it has really helped us grow. Great job man!
  • Just wanted to support your service. I am very grateful for this service. I am using it for private/personal use, but it is great to be able to keep track of URLs shortened by having a service with an account.
  • Looks awesome. Minimalist and accurate
    Anonymous User

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